I have been going to Assassins for around 2 years and train with Luke twice a week. The gym is very friendly and NOT intimating. Luke is a great trainer Who is attentive, encouraging and lots of fun.

Sophie Heywood, Rotherfield

I absolutely loved my personal training sessions with Luke, he’s friendly welcoming & put my nerves at ease instantly. Every session was different which made them more enjoyable. He is very encouraging which is exactly what I needed to help me get back into fitness after a long break. I would highly recommend to anyone!

Jessica Short, Crowborough

I have to say Luke was brilliant. Being an ex smoker who didn’t believe in excersise I was worried about having PT sessions. Luke was brilliant, let me go at my own pace initially and slowly but firmly pushed me to try harder. In the end I was doing things I never thought I could or would do and it is addictive. I would highly recommend him for any age or ability.

Cindy Rowlands, Crowborough

Before I started training with Luke I had no confidence in using gym equipment and no idea how to really train properly. Luke has taught me how to really get the best out of myself and has pushed me to never give up. Thanks to him and the amazing equipment at Assassins gym I now have the ability to push myself to my full potential. Luke caters for all ages and sizes for both men and women and I guarantee he will give you great results. Highly recommended, the best personal trainer around.

Sarah Braysher, Crowborough

I’ve been training with Luke for the past 6 months and every session I’m pushed to my limits, whether it’s flipping tyres or pushing weights every training session is different and equally enjoyable, I’ve made big gains in both strength and fitness and always look forward to the next challenge, I can definitely recommend being pushed out of your comfort zone.

Dan Randall, Tunbridge Wells

I started with Luke just over a year ago to get me in shape for my wedding. He is very professional and straight away put me on a food plan. We train three times a week and I thought I would hate this but Luke makes it enjoyable. He helps me even if I don’t have a session with him. He obviously know his stuff as he will tell you something new every time about your training and what muscles you are using. I will be staying with Luke as the out come on my fitness is brilliant.

Jack Alston, Crowborough

Luke at assassins has bought the fun back into training. Just like working out with a mate always pushes me to breaking point but always offering support and encouragement all the way. Brilliant gym and brilliant training.

Rob Wheeler, Crowborough

In January I signed up for 20 PT sessions with Luke and it was one of the best things I have ever done! Contacting Luke was the first time I’d tried using a personal trainer. From the first assessment meeting, he always listened to me and adjusted the training sessions to be varied yet challenging and to meet my needs. I soon noticed the difference in my fitness and his periodic fitness testing confirmed that I WAS getting fitter. The variety of training in the sessions kept it fresh and interesting!

Luke is firm but fair and always encouraging. I would thoroughly recommend Luke to anyone who wants to try a personal trainer. He really does get results!

Sue Adams Longhurst, Crowborough

I have been having PT sessions with Luke now for a couple of months and I am delighted with the results. He listens to what I want to achieve and then develops a plan accordingly. His knowledge is second to none and no two sessions are ever the same, I have learnt so much and am able to use the content of the workouts in my own sessions in the gym. Because Luke always makes it fun and the noticeable results achieved I will continue to use his services and would highly recommend that others do too.

Simon Munday, Crowborough

I’ve been training with Luke for four years and the results have been amazing. He pushes me harder than I could possibly push myself and my strength and fitness are better than they’ve ever been in my life. He also works hard to make the gym a really friendly and welcoming place, and is always looking for ways to improve it.

Doug Clinton, Forest Row

I’ve had a good 20-30 sessions with Luke and everyone has been different, varied, hard work and fun. Your pushed hard to beyond what you’d probably push yourself, but you always trust Luke to know your limits. And probably most importantly, I can honestly say I’ve achieved the results I wanted which is surely the reason we do it. 10/10.

Chris Willet, Groombridge

Before I started training with Luke Thompson I was pretty unfit. I started training with Luke and everything changed straight away. My fitness improved like you could not believe. My recovery time improved session after session. Luke knew my weaknesses due to surgery I’ve had and helped me to get past them. Training with Luke is different and interesting everytime. We drag chains around, sledge hammer tyres, exercise with oversized ropes, box and do strength work using weights and kettle bells, just to name a few. Luke is easy to get along but is a relentless task master which was what I needed. Training is hard work, and sometimes I feel like I can’t do it, but just when I think I can’t he shows me I can. One of my objectives when I began training with was to learn to enjoy training again and I have. I cannot wait for each training session now, and am keen to get better and work harder each time.

If you are looking for a trainer to support you, who will plan your sessions so you don’t have to worry, who knows your weaknesses and strengths from the start, who can work around any injuries you have, who will push you but will also guide you and who will make you eager for your next session he’s the only PT for you.

Simon Colliver, Crowborough